The Critical Differences in Warehouse Storage Space

Cubic Storage Vs. Square Footage

As experts in space-maximizing solutions, we understand the importance of thinking about your warehouse storage in all three dimensions. With warehouse spaces rising in price across the country, it has never been more crucial to get the most out of your available space. You might think that you have a well-organized floor space and warehouse design, but that does not mean you have optimized your full warehouse capacity.

Think About Your Warehouse Storage in Cubic Feet

When someone asks you how big your facility is, you probably tell them a number in terms of square footage. The truth is that you are paying for the square footage and all of the vertical space above it. Having a well-organized floor layout is a nice start, but storage capacity means thinking vertically and horizontally. Mezzanine Distributors is here to help your business capitalize on that vertical space with our broad range of storage systems, from mezzanine systems and all of their accessories to rack systems and modular offices.

Maximizing Warehouse Capacity Will Decrease Costs and Increase Operational Efficiency

A business needs to constantly be focused on two things. Increasing revenue while keeping your support operations as lean and efficient as possible. Warehouses that do not take advantage of their vertical space are actually leaving the majority of their storage facility unused. Once you start thinking in three dimensions, you will see all kinds of cost-effective opportunities for better warehouse space utilization. Calculating your warehouse capacity will allow you to lower costs, enhance productivity, and increase profit.

Often, when examining warehouse capacity, someone will look at a blueprint to do the math. This is two-dimensional thinking. To find the true storage space capacity, you need to start with the square footage. Subtract areas used for offices, restrooms, and other non-storage areas. Then, you must multiply that by the warehouse space clear height. This will give you your true storage capacity from a cubic storage perspective.

Once you have taken the vertical space into account, you will also have to leave room for efficient employee movement throughout your facility. Getting certain warehouse operations or storage requirements off the ground will make this movement simpler to implement.

Mezzanine Storage Systems Will Increase Your Warehouse Storage

With Mezzanine Distributors, our project managers can assess your capacity and give recommendations based on their expertise of the best ways to capitalize on all of your space. It might mean adding an additional mezzanine level to your facility, installing rack systems optimized for your products, or even combining a mezzanine with a rack system or modular office.

We provide a wide variety of rack systems that will be developed to work specifically with your products and services. Our systems can hold full pallets, separate product boxes, or storage cubes for holding multiple items.

Rack systems like this will advance your supply chain management throughout the facility and improve productivity across the board. Depending on your needs, a work platform like our mezzanine systems might be the perfect solution to provide the freedom of movement you’ve been missing out on in your existing location. Our team can develop, design, and install the entire system for you and do it all quickly and painlessly. To learn more about making the most of your vertical space, contact Mezzanine Distributors today.