Improve Warehouse Material Handling Efficiency

At Mezzanine Distributors, we understand the value of vertical space better than most. We have built our business around helping clients maximize their use of space across their entire facility. If you are using vertical storage options in any way in your workplace, it is likely that your business would benefit from a vertical reciprocating conveyor (VRC). A VRC is a type of vertical material lifting tool that will help you perform your work efficiently and transport materials to higher levels safer than before.

What Exactly is a Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor?

This material handling product was developed to help companies move a bulk amount of items or large pieces of inventory from one level of a facility to another. They are not elevators, and they are not designed to carry personnel. This designation helps during permitting and reducing the need for continuous inspections Their primary benefits come from the ease of use in operating the, their ability to be custom-designed for your needs, and the fact that they are the safest method for moving product between levels.

You will easily be able to move items to upper floors and increase the freedom of movement on your ground floor. VRCs can be integrated into mezzanine systems or other existing multi-floor structures.

Elevate Your Efficiency with Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRCs)

VRCs are a practical solution for material handling in many storage settings. The advantages they deliver will transform your workplace into a productive operation in multiple ways, including:

● Safer Practices
● Customized Material Handling
● Cost-Savings
● Speed & Efficiency

Better Safety for Material Lifting

When it comes to material handling equipment, you have several options, from forklifts to scissor lifts, and boom lifts. Those all have their different uses, but none of them are as safe as a VRC. Vertical reciprocating conveyors cannot be tipped over or knocked off balance, and their enclosed framework eliminates the risk of falling products. The load capacity and multi-level structural support mean that a VRC can transport heavy loads without the chance of operator error or a failure in structural integrity.

Improved Supply Chain Management with Customized Material Handling

One of the most advantageous features of VRCs is their customizability. They can fit into tight spots or most spaces in your facility. This allows them to be out of your way and still provide enhanced material handling. Depending on your needs, your VRC can come with features like:

● Two-sided accessibility
● Ramps for floor mounted units
● Roll-up style doors
● Swing gates
● Side thrust rollers

Vertical Lifting Options with Cost Savings

Vertical lifts like this come with few maintenance costs or inspection requirements when you compare them to other types. Vertical reciprocating conveyors are also much less expensive to install and maintain compared to freight elevators. You will find immediate savings and lower costs over time with a vertical reciprocating conveyor.

Added Speed & Efficiency to Moving Materials

When you compare this option to material handling equipment like freight elevators or forklifts, the VRC is a quicker and more productive option Their reduced maintenance requirements and little upkeep means that your business will have more uptime performance for your lift. Other features include:

● They move quickly and can access multiple floors
● They can be implemented to lift freight higher than other types of lift equipment.
● The mechanical nature of the device allows it to be controlled remotely and run smoothly.
● They can be installed against a wall or free standing to allow for the best workflow.

A reliable vertical reciprocating conveyor, like the kind you’ll get with Mezzanine Distributors, will be able to meet multiple needs, eliminating the need for workers to be constantly switching between forklifts, scissor lifts, or freight elevators.

The Mezzanine Distributor’s Advantage

When you partner with Mezzanine Distributors, you will gain access to all of our space-maximizing solutions. Vertical reciprocating conveyors are just one piece of our entire arsenal, but you will see the value of working with us. Our project managers and installation team will be there to ensure that your VRC meets all appropriate regulations and fits into compliance with any building codes. We will make sure it is optimized for the functions of your workplace and the overall safety of your employees. To learn more about VRCs and our services, contact us today.