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The Cannabis Industry Is On The Rise

There is still a lot of legal wrangling that surrounds the cannabis industry. In spite of all that controversy, the industry has become one of the fastest growing in the United States today. Currently, it is legal for recreational use in two states and medicinal in 26 states. All of the hurdles that business owners and growers face forces many people to use warehouse systems and indoor facilities to cultivate their product.   

The cannabis industry faces many challenges. One way they can overcome some of their limitations is by thinking three-dimensionally. If you are using a large warehouse to grow your product, then you should take advantage of all of your vertical space. You are paying for all the square footage around and above you. If you are only using the horizontal space, then you are missing a significant opportunity. Mezzanine Distributors can help you maximize that vertical space.

How A Mezzanine Will Create New Opportunities

Cultivating your product in a warehouse or facility has the advantage of a controlled and secure environment, but your available space is limited. Some cannabis or hemp growers have massive facilities, but they might not be maximizing their storage options. A mezzanine work platform can be the perfect solution to overcome your hurdles. A structure like this provides much more space for cannabis storage containers, cannabis drying racks, or even for growing room.

For example, if someone bought a 50,000 sq ft facility for cannabis cultivation, they could, in theory, grow around 50,000 sq ft of their product. Now a standard mezzanine is one-third the size of the building it sits in. That means by adding an industrial mezzanine work platform to that 50,000 sq ft building, you would have roughly an additional 15,000 sq ft of viable space to work with. You just turned your 50,000 square feet into 65,000 square feet.

The Added Value Of A Mezzanine

Sticking with our earlier example, a mezzanine of that size would cost about $20 per sq ft. These structures are a one time purchase and require very little maintenance. As an entrepreneur, that kind of value presents a lot of opportunities. It will optimize your warehouse space and free up your resources to be spent on other things in your business.

Another financial challenge for cannabis growers is that, due to all the legal turbulence, they cannot take advantage of all the tax deductions that other companies have. A mezzanine work platform is classified as capital equipment and can be depreciated over 7 years. Buildings are typically depreciated over 39 years. This is a significant tax perk.

There are many benefits that a cannabis grower could get from partnering with Mezzanine Distributors. As a warehouse solution service, we can maximize your space and implement cost-cutting new infrastructure.  

Curious to see how a mezzanine can improve your facility?

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