Mezzanine Gates

A simple gate can make a big difference.

Do More Than Optimizing Your Storage

Mezzanine Distributors knows it is not enough to not just supply ways of maximizing your square footage. We also need to provide safe routes to operate on our mezzanines and structures. One of the most simple and straightforward solutions for providing more safety is with a mezzanine gate. These gates allow you to securely move pallets and products onto your mezzanine. They are engineered to offer an ease of access as well.

Mezzanine gates are just one more example of how we deliver turnkey solutions to our customers. Our experts consult with you and learn your needs. We design your mezzanine to enhance your performance and install it without disrupting your daily operations. Our services include everything you will need to get the most out of your mezzanine. We will design and install the staircases, handrails, guardrails, and gates that your structure requires.

Mezzanine Gates | Mezzanine Distributors

Our Styles Of Mezzanine Gates

Mezzanine Distributors offers many kinds of gates. We base our recommendation on your intended use for the mezzanine and the functions of your workplace. Our safety gates also have adaptable options to better fit into your workplace. There are even automated options for high-traffic areas. The goal of these gates is to ensure safety while allowing for loading access.

  • Single Swing Gate
  • Double Swing Gate
  • Sliding Gate
  • Lift-Out Safety Gate
  • Safety Pivot Gate
  • Automated Gates


All of these models except the safety pivot gate come in 2-Rail, 3-Rail, or Wire Mesh configurations. The safety pivot gate offers the safest options for a busy loading zone. The specially designed pivot arms allow one side to be opened while the other side remains closed. Options like the lift-out gate can easily be removed to allow for open loading and unloading. Then, the gate simply slides back in place to close off the work area.    

Yellow Mezzanine Gates | Mezzanine Distributors

Our Manufacturing Partners

We have formed a relationship with an industry-leading brand name in mezzanine and mezzanine accessory construction. Cogan has been in business since 1901. These years of experience have reinforced their quality and taught them the value of innovative practices. They understand the advantage of supplying products that stand the test of time. As partners, we both share the same core value of making customer satisfaction our primary goal.

Another one of our manufacturing partners is Cubic Designs. They are an industry leading brand name in mezzanines, platforms, their related structures, and safety products. Cubic Designs has their own industry partners that raise the bar of their services and their parent company, MiTek, is a worldwide supplier of builder products, engineering services, and manufacturing equipment. Cubic Designs is committed to safe practices and providing unparalleled service and support.

A mezzanine gate might seem like a minor addition to your overall structure, but our gates are designed and engineered to optimize your workplace and keep it safe at the same time. For Mezzanine Distributors, there is never a detail that is too small when it comes to delivering space-saving solutions.

Curious to see how a mezzanine can improve your facility?

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