Mezzanine Staircases

Our staircases will support your operations with safety measures in mind.

You Can Trust In Our Staircases

A staircase is a simple but necessary feature that most mezzanines will need. Accessibility is a basic requirement, but Mezzanine Distributors knows all about the work that goes into essential details like:

  • Where to put your staircase
  • Which type to use
  • When to use specific types
  • The pros and cons of different types of staircases


Your staircase needs to be worry-free and reliable for the life of your mezzanine. Depending on your operations, your stairs could see a ton of foot traffic. You need them to be dependable.

Our manufacturing partners has particular mezzanine stair requirements to maintain quality. These staircases do not require any maintenance and are built to support your business in the long-term. These stairs are designed to be quickly installed with factory-welded components and nut-and-bolt connections as well. Depending on your situation, we can provide stairs that meet all appropriate IBC or OSHA regulations.

We Bring An Attention To Detail To Every Task

When Mezzanine Distributors designs, produces, and installs your mezzanine, we know that there are no small details. Whether your mezzanine is for public use, storage, or manufacturing, we will always have the right staircase for your situation. All of our mezzanine staircases are built to a maximum vertical height of 12’. By building codes, any staircases above 12’ will require a mid-landing.

Each individual step has security treads made of galvanized anti-slip surfaces that deliver added grip for safety and ease of use. We will work to structure your staircase to fit seamlessly into your mezzanine design. We offer many different types of staircases including straight staircases, U-shaped and L-shaped staircases, and straight stairs with a landing. We can also install a staircase tower if you opt for a two-level mezzanine.  

All The Accessories You Might Need

When you partner with Mezzanine Distributors, you will learn that we never just offer one feature. Along with your staircases, we provide all the accessories to make them safe and operational. This includes handrails, guardrails, and mezzanine safety gates.

It might seem like a small concern to some, but a self-closing safety gate can prevent an accident or severe injury. Certain mezzanines will also require vertical reciprocating conveyors for materials that cannot be brought up the stairs. We can design and install that feature as well.

There are many guidelines and regulations that depend on the size of your mezzanine and other factors. Our project managers will work out all of these variables on your consultation call and during the layout process before beginning production. Analysis like that allows us to expedite the installation method. Mezzanine Distributors leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing our customers with first-rate space-saving solutions. That dedication extends to all of our support structures like staircases.

Curious to see how a mezzanine can improve your facility?

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