Modular Offices

Expand your space and functions at the same time.

We Provide More Than Just Storage Space

All of our solutions aren’t just about increasing storage space. We can also install modular office spaces. These are enclosed structures for things like office space or protecting sensitive equipment. These modular office building structures can be combined with a mezzanine so you can have an enclosed space without sacrificing other storage spaces or they can just be added to an existing facility without a mezzanine. This enclosed space has many possible applications, and because it is modular, it can be moved to different locations within your facility or be relocated with you when you move to a new location. Our experts will work with you to find all the ways that a modular office system can improve your workspace.  

Offices like this are more cost-effective and have quicker lead times than stick-built construction. Our modular offices are designed so that the panels and components are shipped already assembled. This makes them ready to be installed as soon as they are on-site. This preparation allows for a much shorter installation time and a faster clean up process. All of this is done to make sure we disrupt your business operations as little as possible.    

The Advantages Of A Modular Office System

We are always working to remain flexible and adaptable to the needs of our customers. Modular offices construction is faster and less expensive than stick-built construction. That also means it will cause fewer disruptions to your building operations. Once we have installed an office, it can later easily be expanded, rearranged, or even moved to an entirely new facility as part of our relocation services.

Just because you opted for a modular office doesn’t mean you have to give up on getting storage space either. Our modular office systems can be configured with a load bearing roof as an added storage option.


As part of our consultation  and approval drawing phases, we will provide detailed drawings of exactly how the modular office will fit into your facility and the possible layouts. As an added bonus, just like standard mezzanines, a modular office is considered a piece of capital equipment. That means it can be depreciated over 7 years instead of 39 years. This provides an excellent advantage when the time comes to do your taxes.

Features Of A Professional Modular Office Partners

We work with many partners including InPlant Offices Incorporated. Since 1987, InPlant has manufactured modular building systems with strict quality control over their raw materials. They have years of experience and a wide variety of office space solutions for any customer.

By partnering with manufacturers like this, we are able to deliver prefabricated wall panels that are durable and come in custom paint colors. Their durability means that you will be ready to go for years without worrying about maintenance or upkeep on your office space. The outer and inner walls options are designed for safety, environmental control, and noise control.

Our modular offices are one more way that Mezzanine Distributors will enhance your workspace and improve your storage options. Our commitment to high-quality products will enable you to increase productivity quickly and efficiently.

Curious to see how a modular office can improve your facility?

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