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We can select the right system for your facility.

We will help select the right system for your facility.

A Detailed Look At Your Mezzanine Storage Solutions

Selective Warehouse Racking: This system is one of the most widely used options that we offer. The design offers ease of access combined with structural options that can adapt to your facility. The structure itself is simple to build and set up with a boltless, hardware-free teardrop design. It is one of the best ways to take advantage of your vertical space. We recommend this option for companies in buildings with a lot of warehouse height.

Before you look at moving to a new building or adding onto your existing location, consult with us about the ways we can make the most of your vertical space. This type of pallet racking allows for access to any pallet in the system at all times. This enables your business to make the most of their space and ramp up efficiency at the same time.  

Push Back Racking: This system has become the gold standard for many businesses. It really boosts your storage density while allowing easy access to all your products. Push back pallet rack systems use gravity and wheeled carts to make their pallets more available for picking. The rails of the racking system are slightly tilted towards the face of the pallet pick. This design allows lift truck operators to load pallets onto the wheeled carts and then push them back with the next pallet as they load it.

By saving you time and resources, push back racking typically pays for itself in the long-term. There are several advantages that with come this design. Low-profile cart height makes the most of your vertical space. The push back arrangement reduces the possibility of honeycombing your products. Honeycombing is when your products become grouped in one area for too long and the rest of your pallet racking system is not being used. Each lane of the push back system offers the option of last in, first out order or first in, first out, depending on your needs.  

Pallet Flow Racking: For the right customer, this can be the perfect arrangement. It is also called a ‘gravity flow’ design. Metal rollers and gravity work together to feed pallets into the appropriate pick positions. It is built specifically for a first in, first out style of product management. This design allows for your facility to have a flow of products. As items stream out, it makes room for the next, and the flow continues.

All your pallets are placed on rollers that allow them to roll toward the front of your racking system. At this point, they remain there until they’ve been picked by your labor force or machinery. As the pallets are unloaded, each of the waiting pallets behind them rolls forward. Pallet speed is regulated by the type of rollers we install and the brakes engineered into the system.  

Drive-In Racking: This is a cost-effective solution that offers a very high storage density, but it is only recommended for certain businesses or facility structures. If misused, drive-in racking can result in large amounts wasted space when the inventory is not cycled through often enough. This racking style emphasizes storage density over product selectivity.  

Pallets are stored on long horizontal rails and drivers later remove the product from the same point of entry. This style makes the most sense in facilities that follow first in, last out or work with products that are not time-sensitive. Depending on your needs, drive-in racking can also be combined with push back pallet racking to form one system.

We will work together to get to know your business.

So we can optimize how your products are stored and distributed.

Cantilever Racking: We recommend this system for companies that specialize in products that do not fit in standard racking systems. They can be used effectively in locations that sell lumber, hardware stores, or plumbing supplies. They are excellent for storing long oversized products in horizontal runs.

A cantilever rack system is free-standing with horizontal arms that extend out from vertical columns. This presents the opportunity for excellent horizontal storage space. This formation also makes loading and unloading quick and easy. This type of storage is perfect for items like sheet metal, bar stock, lumber, large rugs, or even furniture.

Carton Flow: This particular style of racking is optimized for facilities that deal in high volume and operate with first in, first out product management. It will lower your labor costs and use less of your floor space. This style also allows for more visibility to maintain order accuracy.

Carton flow can be used in a number of ways, but all of them follow the same principles. Your boxes or products are loaded onto the backside of the angled pallet racks and picked out of the other side once they slide the bed of roller lanes. This system can be customized down to the roller wheels to fit your facility and the types of products you work with.

Custom Storage Options For Better Customer Service

Mezzanine Distributors specializes in space-saving solutions. That means mezzanine storage systems and our various kinds of racking systems. This also includes steel shelving, which is very similar to selective pallet racking. However, it has been designed for smaller items than pallets. These shelves can hold boxes of products or can be combined with a bin system for small parts like hardware.  

All of this racking and storage systems are centered on providing the best solutions for our customers. We offer so many different styles and custom options so that your workplace will be as productive as possible.

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