Houston, TX-Based General Contractor Case Study

Customer Name

Houston, TX-Based General Contractor


Taft, TX



Customer Description

Founded in 1998, our customer is a commercial general contractor based in Houston, TX. They started out as a restaurant builder and their early clients included Einstein Brother’s Bagels and Boston Market Restaurants. Since then, they have branched into retail, office and single-use buildings. Being a full-service contractor, they do both new construction as well as retrofit and refurbishes.


Our customer was bidding on a project that included the need for a mezzanine. They reached out to Mezzanine Distributors to review the mezzanine drawings and specs and provide a competitive, accurate quote.


Our customer was awarded the contract and subsequently awarded Mezzanine Distributors the contract to procure and install the mezzanine. Our customer would be building some walls and office space on top of the mezzanine, so we made sure to coordinate with our customer as far as where the handrail would go. Since this mezzanine would include a concrete floor, we installed the structural steel, the corrugated decking and the perimeter angle and then allowed the concrete floor to be poured. Once that was poured and cured, we returned to install the staircase, handrail and gate. Once completed, the mezzanine was roughly 500 square feet, included handrail and a gate for pallet access. We also supplied an L-shaped staircase as the design called for. This mezzanine helped our customer provide a completed building for their client.

Customer Testimonial:

“Mezzanine Distributors fit our mezzanine within our budget, delivered on schedule, and provided a quality product.  Our owner was pleased with customization and quality.  Thank you for a project well done.”

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