Little Red Barn Brewery Case Study

Customer Name

Little Red Barn Brewery


Winsted, CT



Customer Description

Little Red Barn Brewers have been brewing up good times since their first batch of handmade beer in 2013.


Little Red Barn Brewery was looking for a reliable contractor to supply and install a mezzanine for their new brewery location in Winsted, CT.


Mezzanine Distributors worked with Little Red Barn Brewery on a mezzanine that would fit within their space and elevate an important piece of equipment. The mezzanine was small but it was very important to get this piece of equipment off the ground. Also, since it needed to be installed in a very tight space, the correct dimensions and measurements were crucial. The final mezzanine design called for an 80-square-foot mezzanine, handrail on all sides, a lift-out gate, and an L-shaped staircase. The mezzanine would have the minimum clear height for mezzanines – 7′. Mezzanine Distributors procured materials, shipped them to the job site and then installed them accurately and professionally.


“I looked at a lot of options while researching where to purchase a mezzanine for our brewery. I am very thankful we selected Mezzanine Distributors. The only thing that topped their customer service was their installation team. First vendor to come in on budget and on time. Cheers Mezzanine Distributors”

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