Mann Packing Case Study

Customer Name

Mann Packing


Salinas, CA


Mezzanine components (Galvanized)

Customer Description

Mann Packing is one of the country’s leading suppliers of fresh vegetables, including broccoli and snap peas. They maintain positive relationships with growers and count their strong business relationships as one of their greatest assets. They also are proponents of recycling waste water and reducing packaging waste.


In the summer of 2017, Mezzanine Distributors was contacted by Mann Packing and their general contractor in regards to a mezzanine for a new processing facility that was being built in Salinas, CA. The building had already been designed and included some second floor storage space. The operations underneath the mezzanine needed to work with the location of existing posts and cross bracing. This proved to be a bit of a challenge because there was office space as well as production space planned. Another issue that needed to be addressed was the wet environment that this mezzanine would be in and making sure the system that was provided was built to last.


Some jobs are very simple, other jobs are more complex. This job was very complex and there were many things that needed to be taken into account. First, designing the post and cross brace layout to not only support the capacity needed for operations on top of the mezzanine, but also the access for operations underneath the mezzanine proved to be very difficult. Through a significant amount of communication with Mann Packing, the general contractor, the architect and the structural engineer, we were able to find a design that worked for all parties involved. The next problem that needed to be addressed was the wet, washdown environment that this mezzanine would be going into. It was determined that all structural steel components would be hot dipped galvanized to withstand this environment. After the materials were fabricated, rather than being powder coated, they were sent to the galvanizer to complete that process – which was taken care of fully by Mezzanine Distributors and Cogan, our manufacturing partner on the project. The accepted plans for the mezzanine included over 15,000 square feet of floor space, two straight staircases, one L-shaped staircase, almost 1,300 linear feet of handrail, and a concrete floor. The finished floor height of the mezzanine was 14′. After the design was finalized and approved, we began to fabricate materials and then arrange shipment to the job site. During that time, Mann Packing was bought by Del Monte Fresh Produce. During this process, it was determined that this new facility needed to be laid out in a different manner and unfortunately, we were not able to install the system. However, we provided all galvanized materials to the customer.

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