Mezzanine Relocation

Check one item off your relocating list - relocate your structure with just a phone call.

The Advantages Of Having A Mezzanine

One of the most significant advantages of getting a mezzanine is the ability to move it within your own facility or take it to a new facility. Opening up your opportunities by taking advantage of the vertical space creates a lot of possibilities. Mezzanine Distributors recommends getting one because it is simpler, faster, and less expensive than building an entire new building or relocating your operations. However, there are times when relocation is unavoidable.

If your business has outgrown your current resources and you have already examined all avenues of expansion then sometimes relocation is your best option. This doesn’t mean we can’t still help. Another excellent inherent feature of a mezzanine is that it can be broken down relatively quickly.

Knowing that your structure can travel with you even enables you to spend less money on the new facility that you are moving to. As part of our shipping and installation services, Mezzanine Distributors will assist your company by relocating your existing mezzanine to your new location.

The Information We’ll Need From You

It does not matter if you hired us for your original mezzanine installation, you can still work with us to relocate your structure. There are, however, some details that we will need to know to plan your relocation. We will need to know several things to properly handle your industrial mezzanine system:

  • The manufacturer of your mezzanine.
  • The locations of your current and new facility.
  • Accurate drawings or pictures of your mezzanine.


If you do not have those drawings, then we will build our quote by just assessing your mezzanine and its related components. If you worked with us for the original installation, then the whole process will be more direct. Our installation crews will also be more familiar with the structure itself. In these cases, the entire process will move quicker, but we are here for you either way.

The Mezzanine Distributors Advantage

If your business is located in the continental United States, our installation crews can dismantle and prepare your mezzanine for shipping. From there, our partners in the freight industry will securely transport your materials. Then, our installers can unload and reinstall your mezzanine into your new facility.   

The reason that we provide relocation services regardless of whether or not you got your mezzanine from us is that we value customer service above all else. Hiring our relocation services is also the perfect time to start a new partnership with us. We can provide for any further mezzanine needs in the future or accessories for your current structure.

Curious to see how a mezzanine can improve your facility?

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