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Customer service is always one of our primary objectives. Our project managers and sales representatives will always be available to answer questions or start your consultation. This FAQ is a collection of some of the most common questions that we are asked as a commercial mezzanine distributor. These are here to quickly address some of the most frequent concerns that we hear from our customers. Take a moment to see if your questions have already been answered below.


What is a mezzanine? – A mezzanine is a space-saving solution to increase your available floor space. It is a pre-fabricated, free-standing structure that is used to add additional storage space or preserve square footage like a modular office within your existing facility. There are several different types of mezzanines like wide span, steel, free span, and others.

What are some of the advantages of a mezzanine? – There is the obvious benefit of increasing your floor space, but mezzanines can do more than that. There are tax-related advantages, shorter lead times and fewer interruptions to your operations than a new construction or relocation project. Take a look at “Why Choose a Mezzanine?” to learn more.

What is the lead time for a standard mezzanine? –  Lead times depend on the manufacturers’ schedule. They can be as short as 3-5 weeks or as long as 12-14 weeks. 

What is the minimum clear height underneath a mezzanine? – According to IBC 2009 Section 505.1, the minimum clear height underneath a mezzanine is 84” (7’). This is the same minimum clear height needed on top of the mezzanine deck to the ceiling above.

Does Mezzanine Distributors supply two-level mezzanines? – Yes, we can. If you have the available vertical space, two-level mezzanines are an excellent way to triple your floor space.

Can Mezzanine Distributors provide concrete services such as foundations for my columns or concrete decks on top of my mezzanine? – Yes. We have experience cutting existing slabs and pouring new foundations to carry the load of the mezzanine structure. We also have the ability to pre-form anchor bolts into the foundations if need be. We are a complete turnkey mezzanine provider.

What areas does Mezzanine Distributors serve? – With a vast network of providers including installers and freight brokers, we can ship to and install any project throughout the continental United States.

Does Mezzanine Distributors provide other material handling and safety equipment besides mezzanines? – Mezzanine Distributors provides many other products that integrate with mezzanines as well as standalone products. Take a look at our Products page to see the accessories that we provide.


We supply mezzanines to support your business with expanded storage and enhanced space options. Contact Mezzanine Distributors today to learn about the space solutions we offer and the ways we can improve your facility.

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