Pre-Fabricated Mezzanine vs. Local Steel Fabricator

Compliance to all codes; consistent design; work with one company as opposed to three or more

You have determined that your business needs a steel mezzanine. Whether for additional storage, raising a piece of equipment or conveyor off the floor, additional warehouse office space or some other reason. You have two main options: select an experienced pre-fabricated mezzanine distributor and manufacturer to design, fabricate and install your mezzanine or you can hire an engineer and a local steel fabricator to create a one-off design.

Local Steel Fabricators

Working with a local steel fabricator looks like this. Your company pays a structural engineering firm to design your mezzanine. What size should the beams and joists be? The columns? The baseplates? Once it is designed, you take the drawings to a local steel fabricator and they prepare a cost estimate based on the engineer’s recommendation. The next step is to apply for local permits and wait for approval. If the design is approved, steel fabrication can begin.  After materials have been ordered, the steel has been welded, and holes have been punched per the engineer’s drawings, an installer is needed to install all of the materials.

Pre-Fabricated Mezzanine

There are many reasons why a pre-fabricated mezzanine can be a better option. First, you are contracting with one company, the distributor who works with a manufacturer and installer as a team to provide a turnkey experience with years of experience behind them. The installer should have significant experience with that manufacturer’s product. This will help ensure that the installation goes smoothly.

Pre-fabricated mezzanine manufacturers specialize in that area of work. Consistent design allows for a more streamlined and efficient process and outcome of materials. Also, their systems are built specifically to the building codes that are applicable, whether OSHA, IBC or something else. So you never have to worry about getting permits.

Another advantage is that engineering and fabrication is performed by the same company which reduces the chance for errors and also provides for a more efficient process.

Again, when you work with a pre-fabricated mezzanine distributor and manufacturer, you are working with companies and people that specialize in this area of work and do this every day. Choosing an experienced distributor with a portfolio of past projects is the best way to know that the company you are working with knows what they are doing and you can be assured that your system will be exactly what you are looking for.

The combination of a turnkey experience, specialization, code compliance, and product expertise and knowledge provide significant advantages of working with a pre-fabricated mezzanine provider.

Curious to see how a mezzanine can improve your facility?

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