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Mezzanine In A New Building

When you are building a new facility, one of the primary questions is, “How much space will I need?” If you have decided that a new facility is the way to go, then you should know that adding a mezzanine to your plans can offer many benefits. Maximizing your space and storage options with a mezzanine means you can spend less and get the same results with a smaller building. By reducing the footprint of your building, you also reduce the amount of overall land that is needed.

Mezzanine Vs. Work Platform

Technically speaking, ​a mezzanine steel structure is defined as a permanent intermediate level within a building that is part of its physical structure. At Mezzanine Distributors, we supply unique work platforms. The term and distinction are crucial to remember when you are getting permits for your project. It doesn’t matter to us what you call your structure, but mezzanines and work platforms abide by different regulations and building codes.

Determining the Size of Your Mezzanine

Figuring out the size of the mezzanine you need can be difficult. There are several factors to consider. An industrial mezzanine can be an excellent way to increase your storage options. To properly plan for the size of your support structure, you will need to be able to answer several questions about the size of your facility and type of operations you plan to use your mezzanine for.

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