Design with a mezzanine in mind.


One of the challenges that any architects face is how to maximize the use of space in a project they have been hired to plan. The most significant advantage that comes with installing a mezzanine is the amount of space it adds to a facility.  An industrial mezzanine has a lot of potential to help take advantage of the vertical space in any building.

Mezzanine Distributors offers services to architects that are looking for a way to get more space without sacrificing square footage. We can add a whole new section to a location without requiring any more real estate. Our standard warehouse mezzanine is generally up to one-third of the size of the available floor space. In a 50,000 sq ft facility, that would work out to roughly 15,000 sq ft. That changes the available floor space to 65,000 sq ft.

Building and installing one of our platforms is a one-time expense with very few maintenance costs. Adding more real estate to a construction plan would require more land and could even have higher tax implications, so a mezzanine is a strong selling point for your clients. Your clients will also be happy to learn that our mezzanines come with their own tax advantages. As a piece of capital equipment, they can be depreciated over a short 7 years.



One of the most significant hurdles for any construction engineer is the liability. In many cases, an engineer is held responsible for the specifications of every part of a structure, the load limits, and how it all works together. Mezzanine Distributors is here to move that hurdle out of your way and build a straightforward path to our shared success. We have our own process for laying out and designing our mezzanines.

Our product selection includes everything a customer could need for their warehouse mezzanine because it is always our primary drive to deliver structures that will make the most of a company’s space. Our structures arrive on-site pre-fabricated and ready to be assembled by our nationwide installation crews. All of the mezzanine engineering is performed in-house by our experts and project managers. Delegating this task to us will free up your time and resources to focus on all the other essential parts of your project. That means that you can hand us the reins of your work platform project and leave it to us, knowing that you are in good hands.

Curious to see how a mezzanine can improve your facility?

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