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We Provide Innovative Space-Saving Solutions

When you are on the design/build contractor side of the construction industry, you deliver a more focused approach than general contractors. Your firm provides all the necessary construction services under one name. your clients are putting a lot of trust in you and your ability to complete a project, and Mezzanine Distributors can help you achieve your goals and hit your deadlines.  

The construction business is highly competitive. Design/build construction firms like yours might offer more in-house functions, but you still have to compete with other companies for projects, and you need every edge you can get. Delivering innovative solutions and cost-effective strategies can often make the difference in getting hired for a project. Mezzanine Distributors is here to provide space-saving solutions that will cut costs and increase storage options.   

Our Structures Bring An Added Value To Any Building

We focus on the vertical space in every facility because there is so much opportunity there to improve available floor space in a workspace. You already know that a mezzanine is an excellent addition to almost any structure and their advantages can be excellent selling points to your client.

  • It adds space and storage options without requiring any extra land being taken up. Our typical warehouse mezzanine can extend to cover up to one-third of the available floor space. That means we can turn a 50,000 square foot facility into a 65,000 square foot facility.
  • Work platforms like these are categorized as capital equipment and not permanent additions. This means that it can be depreciated over 7 years, instead of the building standard of 39 years. That is an excellent tax incentive to present to your clients.


When you partner with Mezzanine Distributors, you’ll gain access to a variety of options that will make your job easier. In most cases, a design/build contractor will come to us with a design already planned, and we can hit the ground running to fill those needs. Thanks to our experience and expertise, you can hand off this part of the process to us and know that we will handle every aspect of it ourselves.   

We Deliver More Than Just Storage Options

We talk a lot about space-saving solutions, but our features don’t stop at mezzanines. We can install modular office spaces for administration offices or an enclosed space for sensitive equipment. They have the added functionality of being modular, so they can be broken down and easily re-assembled in a new location or new facility if necessary. That functionality makes it a strong investment for the future.  

We also have a wide selection of racking systems for storing products and materials. If you already have a design in mind, we will complete it, or we can make recommendations for what rack system will work best in your client’s facility.  

The most significant advantages of working with a design/build firm like yours are that they combine multiple phases of construction, are able to implement them faster, and at a lower cost. Mezzanine Distributors operates in a very similar way. When you partner with us, you are getting an ally that can handle the entire production, shipping, and installation process of an industrial mezzanine space all on our own.  

Curious to see how a mezzanine can improve your facility?

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