Raise the Roof: How a Mezzanine Lift System Can Maximize Your Interior Space

Vertical Lift System

Warehouses are more than simple buildings that store products. They are complex to run and the slightest inefficiencies can be costly. They are the backbone of your operation and should be models of efficiency. What is the most important consideration? Storage space.

How your warehouse uses available square footage is key to running a smooth and efficient operation. But even the largest logistics facilities need to use whatever space they have effectively. It is essential that you have enough space to keep your products in order without clutter or confusion.

A Triple Net Lease Can Hamstring Your Growth

Traditionally, a landlord would have a tenant sign a lease that only covers the rent for the property. What is more common today is a net lease that may be a lower monthly dollar amount but leaves major expenses such as property taxes, insurance, and maintenance the sole responsibility of the tenant. This complicates the situation when your operation needs to expand. Instead of adding an additional building, a smarter decision may be to grow taller and not wider.

Need Extra Space? A Mezzanine with a Vertical Lift System Is the Answer

As your business grows, there are always concerns that you will outgrow your existing space. Some businesses find additional buildings to rent, but with triple net leases being the common form of lease, businesses find that additional locations result in an increase in overhead. Even more costly is building a new facility. The hassle and expense of purchasing available land, designing a building, making sure all codes, licenses, and regulations are understood and followed makes building a new facility a major challenge.

When it comes to maximizing the storage potential of your existing building, regardless of whether you own the property or rent, a heavy duty mezzanine system is a cost-effective answer. And when you need to move products safely and efficiently between the levels of your mezzanine system, vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRC) are the best ways to move products and store them in the upper reaches of your warehouse or logistics center. Mechanical and hydraulic VRCs working in tandem with a mezzanine offer your business the flexibility you need to handle increased growth and production to handle seasonal or permanent capacity needs.

Mezzanine Distributors Has the Solution

Solve your space issues without creating new ones. Mezzanine Distributors can design the perfect mezzanine material handling system to increase your storage space and keep your processes effective. Our goal is to provide the equipment you need to maximize your open spaces. We design, deliver and install a customized mezzanine solution for your business. This includes modular office spaces, racking storage systems, and VRC systems and material lifts that are appropriate for your unique needs. Contact Mezzanine Distributors Today!