Archon Vitamin Corporation Case Study

Customer Name

Archon Vitamin Corporation


Edison, NJ



Customer Description

Archon Vitamin is a privately-owned company that provides quality private-label supplements and natural products. They offer premium private-label products to retailers and branded companies.


Archon Vitamin was looking for a solution that would raise a large piece of equipment off of the floor and provide extra storage. They decided that a mezzanine was the optimal way to go and they contacted Mezzanine Distributors to do the job. There were a few challenges with this project. First, there was a significant amount of HVAC that would need to be worked around during installation. Second, the mezzanine would be installed in a tight space and there would not be much room for storing the materials at the install site. Third, the piece of equipment that needed to be stored was very large and very heavy.


The mezzanine that was provided was an L-shaped mezzanine and was roughly 1,000 square feet. It included about 150 linear feet of handrail, a double swing gate for pallet access, a straight staircase and resin board flooring. We worked closely with our installer and the customer to make sure that the mezzanine would be installed properly with limited interruption to their current operations. To account for the weight of the piece of equipment that needed to be stored, the decision was made for the equipment to sit directly on the structural steel beams and joists, rather than sit on the resin board. The structural steel was specifically designed in this area to accommodate the direct load.

Customer Testimonial

“Mezzanine Distributors is a very responsive and professional organization that provides excellent support services.  They are part of your design process and offer solutions to optimize your design requirements with the most cost-effective products. Highly recommended.”

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